Providing social, emotional, educational, and leadership skills that help to transform youth into successful, independent adults.


  • B.A.S.E (Before and After School Enrichment)
    Providing additional time to students. Working on areas of weakness in mathematics and English language.


  • S.U.N (Summer Unique Program)
    Children will be able to participate in summer academic and social activities to keep them engaged and increase their learning abilities while having fun.


  • (LFL) Labor for Learning Literacy Program
    An independent learning program geared towards improving children’s ability to become independent learners. Children will be required to read a certain amount of books per month and write a book report on each book prior to moving on to the next. Upon successful completion of the program, children will earn a back-to-school scholarship, in part or full, and recognition at the end of the school year.
  • School Essay Writing Competition 
    Schools will be invited to have their students enter into an essay writing competition to gain funding towards their school for school improvement.


  • (LAVS) Literacy and Vocational Skills
    Literacy and vocational program, give adults the opportunity to gain an education by learning the basic on the flex program at their time and pace. They will get the support of qualified professional. This program support basic literacy all the way to gaining a college degree. We provide the support and guidance directing the individual towards success

Other Programs

Free Summer Movies

Watch a free movie

Indoors or outdoors which usually includes games, prizes and food giveaways. Children will watch a family-friendly movie at no cost.

Free field trip/ Tours

You can tour many places and enjoy local exhibits and attractions. Some interest included but is not limited to zoos, veterinary clinics/ hospitals, parks beaches, and local historic attractions

Free Camps

Grants and sponsors make some summer camps free for kids. Art, writing, math, science and reading, worships for leadership, anti-bullying, and safety camps are available based upon funding.

Vacation Bible School is held by outreach ministries. Members of the church as well as non-members are invited for a free week of fun and unlimited children activities

Volunteer Opportunities

We encourage adults and children to participate in our volunteer program.  Cleaning up the park or the beach, collecting books, toys, and essentials for the less privileged, visiting nursing/group homes, and helping with some of the programs Canji offers are some of the many ways you can volunteer

Library Events

We encourage children to visit the library and participate in some of the events offered.  Canji challenges children sign up to read a certain amount of books over the summer. The Canji then awards prizes and holds a party for the eager readers at the end of the reading program.

Free Parks and Recreation Activities

Canji support children participating in sport and recreational activities, and will be hosting summer fitness programs.

Ongoing Information

Provided to educate everyone on: child abuse, domestic violence, substance misuse, drugs, and mental abuse.