Offering housing support for low income clients by providing coaches, and case management services to at-risk and vulnerable residents in the communities to help stabilize and maintaine self-sufficiency.


By utilizing life skills and networking with various community resouces, Canji strives to assist in the fight against poverty, child abuse, and hopelessness. We are dedicated to support, and empower youth and adults in aquiring a safe and stable home. We are partnered with services and treatment facilities that will assist teenage mothers struggling with family complications related to their early pregnancy as well as assisting elderly residents with needed resources. Our involvement will maintain and strengthen the family unit, and encourage individuals to achieve independency.


Canji has created a safe place and community of support for those facing homelessness.

Life Skills classes

Classes are independently operated and are taught by professionals.

Canji encourages continued education and strongly believes that it is necessary to live self-sufficiently and to break the cycle of homelessness.

Training includes:

– Life skills
– Job readiness
– Financial management
– Effective communication
– Landlord Relationships
– Resume workshops
– Aids residents in living

Case management

Canji provides an environment of trust and encouragement. Case managers partner with individual residents to identify immediate needs and life components which require progress to build towards self-sufficiency.