Canji Youth Leadership Academy (CYLA)

Who We Are

We are a collective group of scholarly practitioners creating a sustainable society safeguarding the future generation by transforming mindset and behaviors through trust-building, emotional agility, mindful listening, mentoring, self-directed learning, transformative and experimental learning.  Together we can create a better future by impacting one life at a time.

Our Mission is…

Canji’s long-term strategic goal is to develop into a wide-reaching, multipronged non-profit to break barriers and increase access and achievement within the United States and abroad.

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Program Goals

  • Be a better you/ better person
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Make a difference
  • Break barriers preventing youth success
  • Connect with other people from around the world
  • Prepare for the workforce onboarding process and future success

Program Objectives

  • Teach new skill sets
  • Engage in public speaking
  • Participate in project management, study entrepreneurship
  • Increase social development
  • Advance financial management and education.
  • Build unique characters
  • Let your voice be heard



CYLA  programs, in addition to academic support, provide avenues for youth to break through barriers and hurdles in life.  These programs provide youth with the skills needed to motivate others, become thought leaders and influencers, and gain the self-guidance and structure required to succeed. The courses, workshops, retreats, camps, conferences, and international cultural exchanges have shown to be extremely effective in making a successful transition to adulthood.