Janeth Benjamin


Director of Public Relations

Janeth has a Masters in Criminal Justice and has served several years in the legal field as a legal documents auditor, and writer. Janeth is the Author of Miki Chronicles and the editor of Canji quarterly magazine. Janeth has a passion for outreach causes and is currently involved in several community events.

Felicia Collis


Director of Health Awareness

Felicia is a Registered Nurse actively involved in the community for over ten years.  Felicia is a dedicated professional who seeks to improve the lives of others.

Oddette Parker-Chieco


Chief Director of Counseling and Community Development

Oddette has a Masters in counseling graduated from Long Island University and is actively working with children and adults making a difference in today’s society. Oddette has been involved in the community for over 15 years and has served as a guidance counselor, educator, case manager, and an advocate.

Oddette works with children and adults in a difficult situation and provides assistance, guidance, and direction to them toward their future; She is also a therapist, where she strive to make a difference by transforming the life of other.