When a teenager finds out they are pregnant and will soon have a baby, it becomes a very difficult situation for all parties involved. It is important for everyone to realize that the pregnancy can be okay, as long as the decisions made are well thought out. The best thing to do is to seek out all possible options and then discuss them with someone who can help you. Whether you are about to become a teen parent or you have a teenager who is pregnant, there are valuable coping methods you can practice that will help you through this time.

Confirm the pregnancy as soon as you think you are pregnant  

Pregnancy tests that you take at home are very accurate but it is always best to confirm your pregnancy with a doctor. Schedule an appointment with an OB/GYN to have a test done at the doctor’s office. The doctor will also let you know how far along the pregnancy is and what the possible options are.

Tell your parents

Telling your parents can be one of the hardest things about finding out you are pregnant. It may be terrifying to not know what their reaction will be when they hear the news. Don’t let this fear stop you from telling them. The sooner you let them know, the better. The best way to go about doing this it is to be direct and honest. Here is a way you can start the conversation:

Be prepared for mixed reactions

When you tell your parents the news, you will have to experience their fresh reactions of just finding out. If your parents have a negative reaction, remember that it will be okay. They may get angry or emotional at first but, with time, they will get better.

Build a support system

Tell your parents, family members, or your school’s counselor for emotional support. It can be very difficult to share this type of information, but it is important to let someone close to you know immediately. No matter what decision you make about the future of your pregnancy, you should allow someone to help you through it.
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