January 2019 and ongoing.

Canji International Foundation Cross-Cultural Training for Virtual Development Team

Today it’s the norm for businesses to have employees work remotely, often times in multiple countries. No matter where we are based, from the beginning of our employment, it’s vital to address our company’s culture, and to orient the staff with the standards our company has in place. However, when you’re working from opposite sides of the globe, this feat can initially seem daunting. But overcoming locational setbacks with our teams can actually be quite simple.

Determine Cross-Cultural Training Needs

While some people will pretend it’s not an issue, the truth is that sometimes when working internationally, you may encounter cultural barriers. No matter how minor these barriers are, the primary goal is to increase intercultural competence – the ability to communicate effectively with people of different cultures. In a hybrid working environment, the in-house and on-shore managers must be able to understand the cultural norms of their virtual/offshore teammates, in order to effectively train them to adapt to the onshore team’s culture.