Situations can often change and individuals and families may find themselves homeless or hopeless, that’s where Canji comes in. Canji works with different agencies, organizations and non-profit agencies to provide temporary housing for those who are facing hard times. These transitional housing programs, are designed to get the family breadwinner back on their feet with a solid plan to transition into permanent residency within 3-6 months.

The program is designed for those who are temporary dependent on a place to reside with the ability and capability to work their way into dependency. Canji offers an extensive, employment empowerment program by providing, tools, resources and a network of individual to help those in our program get on their feet and back into the workforce.

For those needing long-term dependency living or housing programs, Canji recommend contacting your local welfare or other governmental offices for help. If you have an emergency situation that put your life at risk such as domestic violence or abuse, please call 911 first! In support of our continuous fight against domestic violence and child abuse, we offer emergency counseling and support for those who need help immediately. Learn more here