Donnett A. Anderson


Sr. Vice President of Operations

Donnett has a Master’s in public administration and a BA in International Criminal Justice. She has served the community for almost 20 years working in human services. Donnett has served in positions such as child welfare, early childhood educator, program director, community liaison, and higher education counselor.

Donnett has vast experiences, working with colleges, K-12 schools, Law Enforcement, State Attorney’s office, guardian ad litem, adult and juvenile criminal justice system, mental health, substance abuse, homelessness,   and with community partners.  Donnett is a dedicated community activist and has a real passion for helping others.

Kenneth Collis


Sr Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Kenneth has over 20 years of experiences in business and management with an extensive experience in youth mentoring and coaching. His educational background includes a degree in business Administration and masters in corporate finance.

Mr. Collis has over 10 years of corporate work experience as a manager and project lead. He is passionate about practicing a healthy diet and living an active lifestyle. Ken is currently learning how to executive produce roots reggae music and he plans to launch an online digital music platform in the future.

Claudine Anderson


Director of Finance

Claudine Anderson-Collis is an Accountant with over 14 years of Corporate Real Estate and Financial Reporting experience, managing capital expenditures in excess of 300 million.

Claudine educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration majoring in Accounting (graduating with Suma Cum Laude honors) and a Master’s degree in Accounting and Financial Management. Claudine has invested years working with not for profit organization, and the general public.

Claudine is affiliated with the following: New York Cares and Habitat for Humanity.

Kedessa Roper


Executive Secretary

Kedessa attended the University of the West Indies where she studied English Language. Kedessa has worked on several community project, event planning and coordination. Kedessa’s passion for helping communities, extends above and beyond. Her attention to details and her knowledge in organization’s record keeping and compliance is parallel to none.

Kedessa’s distinguished ability to capture important details and provide advice and resources about governance matters and state corporate law, makes her a dynamic force within Canji.

Tyrone Taylor


Director of Education

Tyrone has a Bachelor’s degree in education and accounting. Tyrone started his career as an educator at BMCC NY and then transition into social service as child protective investigator for almost 10 years. Tyrone is immensely rooted in education, where he currently serves as an educator in the science, mathematics, and accounting field.

Tyrone received his Degree in education from NYU, and his degree in accounting from FGCU. Tyrone has served the community for over 15 years and has a natural passion for rebuilding lives.